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Islamic blackwork patterns

by Christian de Holacombe

On this page are charts for both border and fill patterns, most of them charted from pieces shown in Marianne Ellis’s book (see Resources). Double running- stitch patterns like these are quite easy to chart with pencil and graph paper, since all the lines are composed of short segments of equal length, which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. These patterns are also available online as GIF files at the [WKneedle] Yahoo groups site, in the Filum Aureum folder. A ZIP file can be downloaded which has them all in one package. Summer-08/

My favorite charting tool is the very un-medieval computer that sits on my desk. If you have a “vector art” program on your computer and want to try charting your own patterns, you can also download a ZIP file containing several template formats: Summer-08/

The Illustrator (.AI) and PDF versions of the template have three layers: a top layer of dots, a base layer showing the grid, and a middle layer that can be used to draw lines with the program’s pen or line tools. The top and bottom layers are locked, so the dots can’t be moved by accident. I like charting on the computer because I can print the charts in any size (including LARGE for my middle-aged eyes!) and because I can easily copy and paste sections of the chart for repeating patterns.



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