West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild

Queens' Royal Rose Napkin Project


The 2007 service project for the guild will be napkins embroidered with the Royal Rose of each kingdom. A total of 19 napkins, each representing one of the kingdoms in the SCA, will be presented to Their Majesties to help fill the baskets of largesse for their travels to Pennsic.

The Guild has supplied each embroiderer with a white 22-inch double hemstitched napkin. All needleworkers use the thread, design, and embroidery technique of their choice; the only requirement is that they embroider that kingdom's Royal Rose in one of the 4 corners.

Photos of the napkins will be photographed& added here as they are received . We hope that you enjoy seeing the work of your fellow needleworkers and find them inspirational for your own work.

A big thank you to the following needleworkers who have completed a Rose Napkin for the Guild's service project.

Adriana Tacita - Meridies
Aelia Apollonia - West
Aldith Angharad St. George - Lochac
Annora of Shadowood - Glen Abhann
Awrabella McHargue - East
Brid Hecgwiht - Trimaris
Chiara la Trombotiera - Northshield
Edwinna of Hawkes Bluff - Atenveldt
Elizabeth de Belcaire - An Tir
Evaine ni MacGreger - Ealdormere

Gwenyth of Mousehold Heath - Middle
Jenna Whitehart - Calontir
Juliana of the Westermark - Ansteorra
Katherine de Langelei - Caid
Maerwynn of Croft - Aethelmaerc
Micheila MacCallum - Drachenwald
Sorcha Fhionn inghean ui Ruairc - Outlands
Theiadora Groves - Artemesia
Thyri de Peel - Atlantia

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Kingdom: Aethelmaerc
By: Maerwynn of Croft
Kingdom: An Tir
By: Elizabeth de Belcaire
Kingdom: Ansteorra
By: Juliana of the Westermark
Kingdom: Artemesia
By: Theiadora Groves
Kingdom: Atenveldt
By: Edwinna of Hawkes Bluff
Kingdom: Atlantia
By: Thyri de Peel
Kingdom: Caid
By: Katherine de Langelei
Kingdom: Calontir
By: Jenna Whitehart
Kingdom: Drachenwald
By: Micheila MacCallum
Kingdom: Ealdormere
By: Evaine ni MacGreger
Kingdom: East
By: Awrabella McHargue
Kingdom: Glen Abhann
By: Annora of Shadowood
Kingdom: Lochac
By: Aldith Angharad St. George
Kingdom: Meridies
By: Adriana Tacita
Kingdom: Middle
By: Gwenyth of Mousehold Heath
Kingdom: Northshield
By: Chiara la Trombotiera
Kingdom: Outlands
By: Sorcha Fhionn inghean ui Ruairc
Kingdom: Trimaris
By: Brid Hecgwiht
Kingdom: West
By: Aelia Apollonia

All photographs copyright the photographer.

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