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Queens' Royal Rose Pouch Project 2005

The Guild started with a request for 16 pouches to be needleworked and presented to Their Majesties of the Kingdom of the West, some in 2001 and others in 2002. Each pouch represented one of the 16 kingdoms in the SCA. Their Majesties were able to present these pouches to each of the respective Queens in those kingdoms when they ventured to Pennsic in 2001 and again in 2002. Photos of these pouches may be viewed here.

The Queen's Rose pouches were so well received, that this project was continued. One pouch for each of the 18 kingdoms in the SCA were needleworked and presented to Their Majesties at June Crown this year; they in turn will present them to each of the Kingdoms' Queens when they travel to Pennsic in August.

Most of the pouches for 2005 have been completed; the remaining pouches will be photographed and added here when they are complete. Again, all needleworkers used the embroidery technique of their choice. Each is done in different techniques, but is definitely well stitched. We hope that you enjoy seeing the work of your fellow needleworkers and find them inspirational for your own work. [ Note: if you were one of the needleworkers on this project & have details on your technique and/or materials, please contact the Web Minister, see below.]

A big thank you to the following needleworkers who have completed a Rose Pouch for the Guild's service project.
Adriana Tacita - East
Aelia Apollonia - Lochac
Baron Bjarni Edwardsson af Jorvik &
Baroness Annora de Montfort - Ealdormere
Brid Hecgwiht - Aethelmaerc
Evaine ni MacGreger - Meridies
Guiliana de Benedetto Falconieri - Ansteorra

Gwenyth of Mousehold Heath - Calontir
Sorcha Fhionn inghean ui/Ruairc -An Tir
Katherine de Langelei - Middle
Katherine McGuire - Lochac
lulitta Rowan of Arran- Outlands
Micheila MacCallum - Drachenwald
Theiadora Groves - Northshield

Note: photos of the pouches for the Kingdoms of Artemesia, Atenveldt, Atlantia, Caid, and Trimaris will be posted once they have been received.

There are additional pictures of these and other pouches in the Photos section on the site of the Guild e-mail list

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Aethelmaerc rose pouch
Aethelmaerc rose  closeup
Aethelmaerc or nue closeup
Kingdom: Aethelmaerc
By: Brid Hedgwiht
Technique: first attempt at or nué.
Embroidery was appliqued onto the velvet
: silver & gold metal thread, cotton floss

Kingdom: An Tir

Anesteorra rose pouch
Anesteorra pouch back side
Anesteorra beadwork closeup
Kingdom: Anesteorra
By: Guiliana de Benedetto Falconieri
Technique: beadwork, appliqué
Materials: glass beads on linen fabric, black and gold twisted cord., appliquéd onto velvet

Kingdom: Artemesia

Kingdom: Atenveldt

.An Tir rose pouch
. An Tir rose closeup
. An Tir couching closeup
Kingdom: Atlantia
By: Sorcha Fhionn inghean ui/Ruairc
Technique: couching
Materials: yarn, metal thread


Kingdom: Caid


Calontir rose pouch
Calontir rose closeup
Calontir tent stitch closeup
Kingdom: Calontir
By: Gwenyth of Mousehold Heath
Rose design by Gwenyth’s daughter Morgan Rose
Technique: tent stitch; appliquéd to the fabric
and outlined with couching .
Materials: silk thread on linen,
cotton & metal thread, jaquard fabric

Drachenwald rose pouch
Drachenwald rose closeup
Drachenwald split stitch, beadwork closeup

Kingdom: Drachenwald
By: Micheila MacCallum
Technique: petals: split stitch; center: beadwork;
rose appliquéd with couched finger loop braid
Materials: cotton floss, gold and black finger loop braid,
gold beads

Ealdoremere rose pouch
Ealdoremere rose closeup
Ealdoremere lucet cord closeup
Kingdom: Ealdoremere
Embroiderer: Bjarni Edwardsson af Jorvik, Baron of Eskalya
Pouch Construction: BaronessAnnora de Montfort of Eskalya
Technique: laidwork, stem stitch
Materials: handspun red & white wool yarn
by Alienor Fitzhenry,
& lucet drawstrings made by Sorcha Caramon

East rose pouch
East rose closeup
East chain stitch closeup
Kingdom: East
By: Adriana Tacita
Technique: chain stitch filling;stem stitch outline

Aelia's Lochac rose pouch
Aelia's Lochac rose closeup
Aelia's tent stitch, brick stitch closeup
Kingdom: Lochac
By:Aelia Apollonia
Technique: counted satin/brick stitch, tent stitch, chip work

Katherine's Lochac rose pouch
Katherine's Lochac  rose closeup
Katherine's woven chain, satin stitch closeup
Kingdom: Lochac
By: Katherine McGuire
Technique: Petals are done in woven chain, as used on some Italian church vestments around 1550.
The center is done in French knots reversed in the Italian style.
Leaves are satin stitched

Meridies rose pouch
Meridies rose closeup
Meridies couching & beadwork closeup

Kingdom: Meridies
By: Evaine ni MacGreger
Technique: couching, beadwork & appliqué


Middle rose pouch
Middle rose closeup
Middle couched work, satin stitch closeup
Kingdom: Middle
By: Katherine de Langelei
Technique: couched work, satin stitch, beadwork

Northshield rose pouch
Northshield rose closeup
Northshield applique closeup
Kingdom: Northshield
By: Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor
Technique: appliqué& couched goldwork
Materials: metal threads, black linen ground

Outlands rose pouch
Outlands goldwork closeup
Outlands pouch back closeup
Kingdom: Outlands
By: lulitta Rowan of Arran
Technique: laid goldwork, pearl purl, chip work, beadwork

Kingdom: Trimaris

All photographs copyright the photographer.

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