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The overall objective of the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild is to encourage historic needlework. The purpose of the Guild Programs are to offer a forum for those who wish to measure their progress and skill in a self-paced non-competitive environment. It is our hope that we can continue to meet these goals through our various programs.

Apprentice Program (Discontinued)

The "Apprentice" program has been discontinued as of September 2006 and has been replaced with the current programs of Sojourner and Broderer. Any pieces turned in for evaluation from this point will be applied to one of these programs.

If you have completed the old "Apprentice" Program and hold the title of Needmaster, and wish to retain that title, you may do so, but in the future completing a Category simply means you have finished a Category, and learned techniques within that category.... and does not imply a level or rank within the Guild.

Sojourner Program(Discontinued)

A “Sojourner” is someone taking a journey, who may stay for a while in one place, then move on to another. This program is a journey through historical needlework, for the individual who wishes to explore the many different stitching techniques used in Medieval and Renaissance embroidery.

The Sojourner Program does not imply or carry any ranking within the Guild. We are all students of the art of embroidery; some of us have been walking that path a little longer than others, but we all hold the same rank, that of students of embroidery.

To participate in this program:

  1. Choose a category
  2. Submit 3 pieces of needlework for evaluation, each from a different technique within your chosen category. Minimum size of each piece - 9 square inches.
  3. Have each piece evaluated.
  4. After all 3 pieces have passed an evaluation, stitch a finished piece for that Category in one of the techniques you just learned. Your first finished piece should be an item bearing the Guild badge.
  5. Finished pieces shall be items of your choice, including (but not limited to) belt favors, pouches, needlecase, etc.
  6. Upon completion of each Category, a bell will be given which may be sewn to the item bearing the Guild Badge.
  7. Finished pieces are to be displayed at 12th Night or another Guild function.
  8. You must complete one Category before moving on to a second Category. You may complete one Category or all six, that choice is up to you.

The links for each category below will lead you to a Historical Information page, where you can find links to instructions on the web for most of the stitches and techniques in the program. Among the instructional links are also some resources of historical needlework. We hope these links help you get started exploring needlework. Naturally, for more personal help, take a class at a West Kingdom event or consult one of our Guild Mentors.

    (a) Crossed Stitches
    (b) Voided work
    (c) Counted-thread Blackwork
    (d) Pattern Darning
    (e) Other
    (a) Surface Couching
    (b) Or Nué
    (c) Bullion Work
    (d) Underside Couching
    (e) Other
  1. CANVAS WORK ("needlepoint")
    (a) Tent stitch
    (b) Cross stitch on canvas
    (c) Brick stitch
    (d) Upright (Gobelin) stitch
    (e) Satin stitch
    (f) Other
    (a) basic embroidery
    (b) laid work
    (c) beadwork
    (d) split stitch
    (e) raised work
    (f) Other
    (a) Drawn thread
    (b) Pulled thread
    (c) Cutwork
    (d) Buratto work
    (e) Reticella
    (f) Other
    (a) Quilting
    (b) Trapunto - corded or stuffed
    (c) Smocking
    (d) Appliqué
    (e) Other

Note that each section has a space for "Other" and we hope the more adventurous of our members will use this as an opportunity to try techniques not specifically listed.The Guild is open to adding other techniques to this list if they can be documented. Please consult with the Guild Minister if you have an idea about a technique you'd like to submit.

For a PDF handout of this program, please visit our Guild Yahoo Group, WKNeedle, and look in the Files section:

Broderer Program (discontinued)

This program is designed for the individual who wishes to explore the many facets of period embroidery.

The Broderer program does not imply or carry any ranking within the Guild.

To complete the Broderer Program, stitch 6 pieces of embroidery. Your finished pieces may all be from one Style, or as many as six different Styles, that choice is up to you. Your pieces must have documentation, be evaluated by three people consisting of two Laurels and a third person the Guild Minister shall appoint, and you must display your work at a Guild display either at 12th Night or at another Guild function.

Documentation shall consist of, but shall not be limited to, answering the following questions:

  1. What extant item inspired your piece
  2. Where is this piece currently housed
  3. What culture is the extant item from
  4. How was your inspiration piece used in period
  5. What century is the extant piece from
  6. What are the materials used in the extant piece
  7. What stitches and colors were used in the extant piece
  8. What stitches and colors did you use in your piece
  9. What materials did you use, and if they differ from the extant materials, why
  10. Where did you find the designs for your piece

The Styles are:

  1. Pre 1000 AD work
  2. Woolwork e.g. Bayeux Tapestry
  3. Opus Anglicanum
  4. Or Nue
  5. German counted work
  6. Heraldic Embroidery
  7. Elizabethan Embroidery
  8. Canvas work, table carpets, slips
  9. Costume Embroidery
  10. Embroidery for Household Linens
  11. Byzantine
  12. Far Eastern embroidery (Chinese, Japanese etc.)
  13. Any other approved Style may be used. Contact the Guild Minister with your proposal for an additional Style.

For a PDF handout of this program, please visit our Guild Yahoo Group, WKNeedle, and look in the Files section:


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