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Annotated Booklist:

A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas with diagrams by Maggie Lane
Lantz, Sherlee
Andre Deutch, London, 1973
A book that discusses geometric patterns through the ages. Many black and white plates of geometric period patterns. Some pictures of needlework including a picture of English pulled work from the 1500's. Book has some period stitches for both needlepoint and pulled work. CL

A Practical Guide to Canvas Work From the Victoria and Albert Museum
Parry, Linda, ed.
Main Street Press, Pittstown NJ, 1987
ISBN# 1-55562-033-7
Linda is a curator at the V&A. Great little booked packed with information about canvas work history and patterns. Most are post 1600. SB

Bargello: An Explosion in Color
Boyles, Margaret
MacMillan Publishing Co., New York, 1974
Excellent book. Clear instructions. Many traditional designs dating from 17th C, although they are not identified. SB

Bargello: Florentine Canvas Work
Williams, Elsa S.
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York, 1967
Good basic book for florentine work includes several early patterns which are not identified as such unfortunately. SB

Bargello: Florentine Needlepoint, Vol. 784
Boyles, Margaret
Columbia-Minerva Corp., New York, 1974
Great booklet. Clear instructions with several patterns which are traditional and date to, at least, the 17th C. SB

Beautiful Bargello
Petschek, Joyce
Trafalgar Square Publishing, North Pomfret VT, 1997
ISBN# 1-57076-093-4
Lovely designs and use of color. Some designs are based on historical designs including one which is reminescent of the bed hangings at Parham Hall. SB

Birds and Beasts in Needlepoint
Ehrman, Hugh and Elizabeth Benn
Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., New York, 1989
ISBN# 0-517-57471-3
Contains good charts for milliflori in canvaswork (The Unicorn Tapestries). Some of the pictures of historic pieces are clear enough to chart. SB

Celtic Needlepoint
Starmore, Alice
Trafalger Square Publishing, North Pomfret VT, 1994
ISBN# 1-57076-006-3
The designs in here are best described as "period-esque". This is a fun book, but not a historical one. SB

Florentine Embroidery
Snook, Barbara
Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1967
Excellent book. Good historic overview and detailed descriptions of patterns and their appearance at different times. SB

Florentine Embroidery: The complete guide to working Florentine stitches from choosing the right canvas to blocking the finished embroidery with over 50 patterns to embroider
Muller, Barbara
Lacis Publications, Berkeley CA, 1986
ISBN# 0-916896-54-4
Includes a number of interpretations of historic patterns although the patterns are not identified as such. SB

Florentine Needlecraft: Bargello
Tare, Phyllis
Dafran House Publishers, New York,
Contains several older patterns, which unfortunately are not identified, with very easy to read patterns - both charted and stitching patterns in addition to the pictures. SB

Handbook of Needlepoint Stitches
Walzer, Mary Meister
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York,
50 of the most used stitches in canvas work are clearly diagramed and pictured. As far as I can tell all the stitches are pre-1600, but may not have been used on "canvas". It is a good how-to book to pickup in a used book store. SB

Medieval Needlepoint
Robinson, Debby
Sterling Publishing Co., New York, 1993
ISBN# 0-8069-8820-7
The designs in here are best described as "period-esque". This is a fun book, but not a historical one. SB

Needlepoint by Design
Lane, Maggie
Charles Scribner's Sons , New York, 1970
While much of the book is "cute project patterns", each project has a border. These borders are quite appropriate for pre-1600 table carpets and some other canvas work. SB

Oriental Carpets
Gantzhorn, Volkmar
Taschen, Köln, Germany, 1998
ISBN# 3-8228-0545-9
Extremely useful in researching patterns of floor and table carpets as the text identifies the sources of patterns as seen in paintings throughout the Middle Ages. Examples of many are also shown in sufficient detail or line drawings to make your own patterns. Note that some of the patterns also translate to embroidered trims on clothing. SB

Oriental Carpets in Miniature: Charted Designs for Needlepoint or What You Will
Cooper, Frank M.
Interweave Press, Loveland Colorado, 1994
ISBN# 0-934026-98-X
Useful for developing your own table carpets as well as floor carpets. The pattern sources are identified and some adapt well for our uses. SB

Practical Canvas Embroidery: A Handbook with Diagrams and Scale Drawings taken from XVIIth Century Samplers and othe Sources
Pesel, Louisa F.
B. T. Batsford Ltd., London , 1929
Wonderful book and very hard to get. She identifies the stitches which were used in addition to patterns. Most of the patterns have identified dates. SB

The Batsford Book of Canvas Work
Rhodes, Mary
B. T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1983
ISBN# 0-7134-2669-1
Wonderfully useful historical overview - with considerable depth for each time period including early, medieval, and Elizabethan. Review of threads, stitches, patterns, along with who and why. A brief stitch description section of referenced stitches completes the book. SB
Begins with the Origins of Canvas work includes German work; things from the Crusades; Mediaeval; Elizabethan period and on into the 17th, 18th ,Victorian and 20th c. CL

The Margaret Boyles Bargello Workbook: A Collection of Original Designs
Boyles, Margaret
MacMillan Publishing Co, New York, 1976
ISBN# 0-02-514330-1
Wonderful patterns and projects, but as the title says "Original Designs". SB

The Needlepoint Book: 303 Stitches with Patterns and Projects
Christensen, Jo Ippolito
Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 1976
ISBN# 0-13-610980-2
If you had no one to teach you the wide variety of stitches for modern canvaswork or how to deal with patterns and materials, this would be the book for you. Little relevance to historic work, but included here for completeness. SB

The New World of Needlepoint: 101 Exciting Designs in Bargello, Quickpoint, Grospoint, and Other Repeat Patterns
Perrone, Lisbeth
Random House, New York, 1972
ISBN# 0-394-47265-9
Contains excellent charts for a number of older patterns which are unfortunately not identified. SB

Traditional Bargello: Stitches, Techniques, and Dozens of Patterns and Project Ideas
Phelan, Dorothy
St. Martin's Press, New York, 1991
ISBN# 0-312-06882-4
[originally published as Florentine Canvas Work by Batsford] Good clear diagrams and patterns for understanding Florentine and Hungarian Point stitches and patterns. SB

Tudor Treasures to Embroider
Warner, Pamela
Guild of Mastercraftsmen, Sussex UK, 2002
ISBN# 1 86108 249 5
Fun book of projects which are not within our period. However, the author has charted a number of historic slips, blackwork and designs for knotwork that could be used in a more historic manner than suggested in the book. SB

V&A Needlepoint Collection
Elder, Karen
Anaya Publishers Ltd., London, 1992
ISBN# 1-85470-124-X
Includes charts for pieces from the Oxburgh Hangings, a coptic piece and the Bradford Carpet. SB

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