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Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Byzantine Tradition in Church Embroidery
Johnstone, Pauline
Devonshire Press Ltd. , Torquay UK, 1967
The book discusses the gold church embroideries of Byzantium, the relationship of these embroideries with the major arts of Byzantium and their role in the Orthodox Liturgy and the iconography of their decoration. The chief surviving examples of this art are listed and analysed. Lots of black and white photos. CL

Church Needlework: A Manual of Practical Instruction
Hands, Hinda M.
G. J. Palmer & Sons, London, 1907
A excellent source for understanding the techniques used in church embroidery including metal thread, applique, silk, and couched thread. The pieces of church attire for the pastor and church are clearly explained. For the non-christian this made understanding so many of the historical garment easier. SB

Ecclesiastical Embroidery
Dean, Beryl
Batsford, London, 1989
Good to read this book after you have read A.G. Christie's English Medieval Embroidery, because it provides nice instructional diagrams on the stitches and how to use them. Not as in-depth as Christie's book but nice overview of such different techniques as Canvaswork, Whitework, and Goldwork. Also contains sections on various religious vestments & accessories including how you can reconstruct them. Out of print. IB

The Relics of Saint Cuthbert
printed for the Dean and Chapter of Durham Cathedral
University Press, Oxford, 1956
Everything you could ever want to know about the fabrics how they were loomed; the needlework even down to how the braid was hand woven. Also discusses other personal items that had belonged to St. Cuthbert. Includes many photos and graphs. CL [Note: good Interlibrary Loan book. SB

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