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Annotated Booklist:
Metal Thread Embroidery

A ~ Z of Goldwork with Silk Embroidery
Scott, Anna Editor
Country Bumpkin Publications, Australia 2008
Small spiral bound notebook that walks through the various metal thread techniques. Step by Step with clear photos for each technique and it's variations. JR

A Handbook of Metal Threads for the Embroiderer
Carter, Virginia B.
self, St. Louis MO, 1975
Small spiral bound notebook that walks through the various metal thread techniques. Skimpy on the information provided. SB

Flowers of Silk and Gold: Four Centuries of Ottman Embroidery
Krody, Sumru Belger
Merrill, in association with The Textile Museum, Washington DC, 2000
ISBN# 1-85894-105-9
The book was produced inconjunction with an exhibition, but is quite complete in itself with clear pictures, history, stitch diagrams, description of fabrics and stitches, cultural commentary. Unfortunately the book contains only a few 16th or 17th C. items. SB

Gardening with Silk & Gold: A History of Gardens in Embroidery
Beck, Thomasina
David & Charles, Devon UK, 1997
ISBN# 0-7153-0487-9
Beck uses old pattern books, portraits, engravings, etc. to show how gardens were mirrored in embroideries (e.g. knot gardens/Elizabethan needlework). Unfortunately, this book starts with the Elizabethan period. Excellent color photos and well documented info for those Elizabethan admirers. Not much in the way of learning stitches or techniques. IB

Gold & Silver Embroidery
Pyman, Kit
Search Press, Kent UK, 1987
ISBN# 0-85532-550-X
Mostly modern art of using metal thread embroidery. Chapter 2 is an excellent overview of techniques. SB

Goldwork Embroidery
Brown, Mary
Milner Craft Series, Sally Milner Publishing, 2007
ISBA# 9781863513661
Mostly modern but a nice section on the history of goldwork with extant photos.  Materials and techniques are covered.  A section of Projects. JR

Goldwork Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration
Everett, Hazel
Search Press 2011
ISBA# 978-1-84448-626-7
Truly an inspirational book with many techniques explained clearly.  Great photos of the techniques and materials used to create them. A small history section but this is a book that inspires you to pick up goldwork. JR
Beginner - Intermediate

Metal Thread Embroidery: Tools, Materials and Techniques
Lemon, Jane
Batsford, London, 2002
ISBN# 0 7134 8758 5
If you can only have one how-to metal threads, this is it. She walks you through all the techniques and materials with lots of hints. Very clear pictures of each technique. SB

The Technique of Metal Thread Embroidery
Dawson, Barbara
B. T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1992
ISBN# 0-7134-3919-X
Good book on technique, but not for the novice needleworker. SB

Traditional Silk and Metal Thread Techniques on Canvas
Zimmerman, Jane D.
self, Richmond CA, 1995
ISBN# 0-9646219-0-8
Has lots of diagrams for many patterns - laid work, couching, burden stitch, etc. Some of the patterns were used pre-1600 but it is unclear which from the descriptions provided. Useful for learning variety of patterns (50 for couching) and in conjunction with understanding pictures of historical pieces. SB

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