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Annotated Booklist:
Historic Model Books and Pattern Books

98 Pattern Books for Embroidery, Lace and Knitting
Paludan, Charlotte & Lone De Hemmer Egeberg
Det Danske Kunstindustrimuseum, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1991
ISBN# 87-87075-768
Patterns come from a variety of sources. Each is identified and dated, but the dates cover 350 years. Like patterns are grouped for ease of comparison. SB

A Book of Flowers, Fruits, Beasts, Birds, and Flies: Seventeenth Century Patterns for Embroiderers Printed and Sold by Peter Stent
Ginsburg, Cora and Donna Ghelerter/Kathleen Epstein
Curious Works Press, Austin TX, 1995
ISBN# 0-963331-5-1
Reproduction of a model book from 1661 with pictures of actual pieces from 1667. SB

A Schole-House for the Needle
Shorleyker, Richard
R.Jl. Smith & Assoc., Shropshire UK, 1998
ISBN# 1 872665 72 1
Reprint of a 1632 model book with wonderful drawings for slips and beasts. Very useful for patterning. SB

An Anonymous Woman: Her Work Wrought in the 17th Century
Epstein, Kathleen
Curious Works Press, Austin TX, 1992
ISBN# 0-963331-1-9
Ms. Epstein takes a sampler and dissects it. Each pattern is graphed and the stitches detailed. An excellent work to begin to understand the interplay of stitches available to the 17th C needleworker. SB

Baroque Charted Designs for Needlework
Sibmacher, Johan
Dover Publications Inc, New York, 1975
ISBN# 0-486-23186-0
Patterns were originally published in 1604. Included are heraldic motifs, mythic figures and numerous geometric desidesigns composed of light and dark grid squares, centering on such forms as hexagons, slanted squares, etc. Out of print. AJ

Celtic Charted Designs
Spinhoven, Co
Dover Publications Inc., New York, 1987
ISBN# 0-486-25411-9
The patterns are charted for counted cross, but could be interpreted in other stitch techniques. Whether any of these designs would have been used historically on clothing has yet to be shown, so care should be used with these designs. SB

German Renaissance Patterns for Embroidery: A Facsimile Copy of Nicolas Bassee's New Modelbuch of 1568.
Epstein, Kathleen
Curious Works Press, Austin, Texas, 1994
ISBN# 0-9633331-4-3
Epstein faithfully reproduced the period patterns from Bassee's pattern book of 1568. She covers the history of his book in her introduction. Plates are fairly clear for embroiderers to work directly from the designs. One-third of the 100 plates contain charted designs with the balance suitable for blackwork, laidwork, and Elizabethan surface embroidery. Designs can be used for garb or furnishings. AG
This book is a must for the intermediate medieval needleworker. SB

Needlework Alphabets and Designs: 82 Color plates charted for Easy Use
Cirker, Banche ed.
Dover, New York, 1975
ISBN# 0-486-23159-3
Contains the 2 color plates from The EmbroidererÕs Alphabet, Letters, Figures, Monograms and Ornaments for Embroideries on counted threads published in France by Th. de Dillmont. Some of the designs have medieval pattern book origins. SB

Needlework Patterns from Renaissance Germany: Designs recharted by Kathryn Newell from Johan Sibmacher's Schšn Neues Mšdelbuch 1597
Newell, Kathryn
Costume & Dressmaker Press, Boulder CO, 1999
IB. Known in the SCA as Mistress Kathryn Goodwyn, OL she has undertaken to chart patterns from Sibmacher which would be quite appropriate for use on clothing and linens. Suitable for use with cross stitch, long arm cross stitch, and canvaswork. The 1597 is not the same patterns as in the 1604 Sibmacher for those wondering. SB (recommended by IB)

Old Italian Patterns for Linen Embroidery
Lipperheide, Frieda and Kathleen Epstein
Curious Works Press, Austin TX, 1996
ISBN# 0-9633331-7-8
85 plates with designs and stitches from the 16-18th C. Pictures of needlework is clear enough to make patterns. SB

Patterns Embroidery: Early 16th Century
Nourry, Claude and Pierre de Saincte Louie
Lacis, Berkeley CA, 1999
ISBN# 1-891656-16-3
Reprint of pattern books from 1532 for primarily needleweaving. SB

Renaissance Patterns for Lace, Embroidery and Needlepoint
Vinciolo, Federico
Dover, New York, 1971
ISBN# 0-486-22438-4
Reproduction of a 1587 model book. Patterns primarily for needle lace and voided embroidery. SB

The New Carolingian Modelbook: Counted Embroidery Patterns from Before 1600
Salazar, Kim Brody
Outlaw Press, Albuquerque NM , 1995
ISBN# 0-9642082-2-9
Kim, AKA IanthZÿ de Averoigne. OL in the SCA, has re-charted counted thread patterns from period sources and various cultures. By her own admission, her book contains designs from books printed before 1600 as well as her own graphs she produced from photos of original historical pieces. Great patterns for borders in blackwork, cross stitch, canvaswork, lacis and drawn thread. Nice period stitch diagrams. IB

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