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Design Books

Arabesques: Decorative Panels of the Renaissance

Bookking International, Paris, 1995
ISBN# 9 782877 142847
Patterns of Arabesques which would have been used for all types of textiles, architecture, and other ornamentation. Such designs are seen in period modelbuchen and can be adapted to needlework. SB

Brass Rubbings
Muriel Clayton
HMSO, London, 1979
ISBN# 0 11 29009888 9
Rubbings taken from brasses as early as 1277 and as late as 1585. Good book for costume. CL

Costume on Brasses
Herbert Druitt
Kingsmead Reprints , Bath, 1970
ISBN# 901571 431
Book is a reprint of a book originally published in 1906. Is a manual of costume as illustrated by monumental brasses with 110 illustrations. CL

Design Sources For Symbolism
Messent, Jan
Redwood Books, Wilts UK, 1996
ISBN# 1 874080 96 8
Good book for understanding the symbolism behind the designs. SB

Designing for Needlepoint and Embroidery from Ancient and Primitive Sources
Messent, Jan
Macmillan Publishing Co, New York, 1976
ISBN# 0-02-584431-8
A good book on taking a design and translating that design concept into needlework. However for our purposes this takes the designs into what might have been NOT what was and thus, while interesting it is not useful for the historic embroider. SB

European Texiles in the Keir Collection 400 BC to 1800 AD
King, Monique and Donald
Farber and Farber Ltd., London, 1990
ISBN# 0-571-13371-1
More textile than embroidery, but the descriptions are wonderful. This book is written by 2 premiere curators whose grasp of the flow of industry and design adds a lot of depth to the descriptions. SB

Figures on Fabric: Embroidery Design Sources and Their Application
Swain, Margaret
A&C Black Ltd, London, 1980
ISBN# 0-7134-2048-X
This book looks at where needleworkers found their sources for design and how those designs migrated from inspiration to needlework. A good read for putting embroidery into a more societal perspective. SB

Full-Color Historic Textile Design
Dupont-Auberville, M.
Dover Publications Inc., New York, 1995
ISBN# 0-486-28718-1
100 plates showing 500 forms of textiles designs, many pre-1600. This reproduction of a 19th C portfolio will acquaint the viewer with patterns which appear in all forms of textiles - woven, painted, needleworked, etc. The patterns also show the intense color and sense of style which are only hinted at in the fabrics shown in portraits. SB

Heraldry for Embroiderers
Lugg, Vicki & Willcocks, John
B.T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1990
ISBN# 0-7134-6367-8
Includes a good but brief overview of heraldry, but is mostly useful in its 2nd half which assists the embroiderer with interpreting heraldic designs for needlework. Useful for an intermediate needleworker. SB

Mittelalterliche Textilien in Kirchen und Klostern der Schweiz Katalog
Brigitta Schmedding
Stampfli & Cie Ag , Bern Switzerland, 1978
ISBN# 3-7272-9682-8
Text is all in German. Lots of pictures of period fabric, knitted reliquary bags and needlework. CL

Textile Ornament: Prehistoric Ornamentation, Textile Ornaments of the Ancient Asiatic and Mediterranean Civilizations, Textile Ornaments of the Post-Classical East and of Medieval Europe, & European Textile Ornaments since the Renaissance
Born, W.
Ciba Review, Basle Switzerland, 1941
Pamphlet of well researched articles. Useful for researching the appropriate designs for different periods and countries. SB

Textiles in the Art Institute of Chicago
Mayer Thurman, Christa C.
The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 1992
ISBN# 08109-3856-1
Wonderfully detailed pictures of needleworked pieces and textiles, many of which are pre-1600. Many of the pictures are detailed enough to decern stitches used and to make charts. SB

The Conservation of Tapestries and Embroideries
Getty Conservation Trust
The Getty Conservation Trust, California, 1989
ISBN# 0-89236-154-9
A series of professional papers on the conservation of medieval and rennaissance textiles and embroideries. Some fabulous close up pictures of the items. Detailed descriptions of threads and techniques. Good to have for research. -- SB

The Picture Book of Brasses in Gilt
Trivick, Henry
Charles Scribners Sons, New York, 1971
ISBN# 684-13099-8
Beautiful book of the brass rubbings. Chapters include sections on academic dress; armour; heraldry; ladies; ecclesiastics; vestments; inscriptions etc. CL

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