West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild

Documentation for Dummies

Documentation is a scary word if you have not done it. What is it?  Why do I have to do it?  Somebody help me...

The Guild has many experienced mentors to help the novice with documentation.  I know from personal experience that these people will gently guide you through the maze so that you can show off not only your beautiful embroidery but your knowledge as well.


Here are a few questions that should be answered within the body of your documentation.

    1. What extant item inspired your piece
    2. Where is this piece currently housed
    3. What culture is the extant item from
    4. How was your inspiration piece used in period
    5. What century is the extant piece from
    6. What are the materials used in the extant piece
    7. What stitches and colors were used in the extant piece
    8. What stitches and colors did you use in your piece
    9. What materials did you use, and if they differ from the extant materials, why
    10. Where did you find the designs for your piece



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