West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild

Guild Calendar for 2015

If you would like to teach a class - tell us. If you would like to take a class - let us know what it is, and if you have a recommendation for a teacher, also let us know. To do so, please contact the guild minister.

Without the members of the Guild who have expressed a willingness to teach, we would be very much less than what we could be. Tell us what you want taught and we will find someone to teach it. Tell us what you want to teach and we will arrange a class! (And special thanks to everyone who has already given of their time and energies to teach!)

If you need help on projects for any contests mentioned below or just because, we hope you will visit our Mentor's Corner at every Crown Tourney to receive one-on-one assistance and advice.

Kingdom Events & Classes

June A & S Tourney

October Crown

Our next meeting will be held here, as well as some classes

Kingdom and Principality Competitions

Here are the competitions that areneedlework oriented or could include needlework.
More information will be posted as it is received

Event Date Competition
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