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Royal Summer Cloaks

During her reign, Countess Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne commissioned a set of summer cloaks to be made for the Western Royalty to wear each year when they visit Pennsic. The cloaks were designed to be something that would truly represent our Kingdom: Down the front edges of both cloaks will be embroidered patches of the Kings (or Queens) arms, the 3 Principalities arms (Mists, Cynagua, & Oertha), and the arms of the 3 Baronies at the furthest borders of The Marches (Allyshia, Tarnmist & the Far West). The remaining arms of each group in the Kingdom will be embroidered & appliquéd around the edges of the cloak.

We have many volunteers from all over the Kingdom working on this project. Those stitchers were allowed to choose any combination of stitches they wished, as long as the design is filled in completely. All patches will need to be completed & returned to Felicia by March Crown 2009. The cloaks were presented at June Crown 2009.


Project completed June 2010

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Scissors Cases Project

From this point on, the Royalty will be exchanging gift baskets at Pennsic with only one other Kingdom (which will be chosen in a yearly drawing), eliminating the need for multiple gifts for the baskets. However, there are other Inter-Kingdom events where the Royalty also exchange gifts, so the Service Project for 2009 was scissors cases for Estrella. Since we didn’t know for sure how many kingdoms would be at Estrella, we did not require a particular design (i.e. Queen’s Rose) or color scheme to be used. We did encourage the use of silver in the project in some way (buttons or thread or beads or fabric), in commemoration of Estrella's 25th "silver" anniversary.

As you can see here, we would up with a wide variety of stitch styles & techniques for the scissors cases. You can see additional examples of scissor cases that were made by some of our members for the Scissors Case Exchange back in October 2007.

June Crown 2008 -- Kingdom Silent Auction

As the Guild continues to serve our kingdom, we collaborated to help raise funds to procure a 52+ ft trailer which will be kept on the Pennsic site to store all of West Kingdom's Pennsic regalia. The Kingdom has offered to pay the yearly storage fee if enough funds can be raised by the populace to purchase the trailer. The coordinator for this fundraising effort, Viscountess Ysabella Dolfin, hosted a fundraising auction at June Crown of 2008.

To assist in this fundraising effort, the Guild's 2008 service project was to have volunteers make selected items to be donated to this auction. The materials, embroidery techniques, choice of design, size and length were left to each needleworker. Some projects included sets of napkins, a haversack, a set of buttons, and a tablecloth; these items can be viewed here. The items donated were fantastic and there was a steady stream of bidders, despite the heat. Thanks to the long list of hugely talented needleworkers (below) who contributed items for the auction, a total of $861.00 was raised!

Aelia Apollonia
Annora de Montfort
Brid Hecgwiht
Chiara la Trombottiera
Elizabeth of the Blue Rose
Ellen of the Western Wind
Evaine ni MacGreger
Felicia Amondesham
Jania of Call Duck Manor
  Jena Whitehart
Jennifer Davies
Jocelyn of Rowenwood
Katrina the Prude
Michaeila MacCallum
Sorcha Fhionn inghean ui Ruairc
Theiadora Groves
Thyri de Peel

Twelfth Night 2008 -- Guild Silent Auction

The Guild's Silent Auction was a great success! The Guild had a prime location by the entryway to the feast hall, and our tables were overflowing with 24 items for auction. The Guild made a total of $600 to fund future guild activities and service projects. Photos of some of the auction items can still be enjoyed on the following page.

Sets of napkins were embroidered by Aurelia de Montfort, Jania of Call Duck Manor, Catherine Lorraine, myself, and Micheila MacCallum (who did 2 sets). Bookmarks were embroidered by Vivianne of Cynagua, Morgana yr Oerfa, Evaine ni MacGreger, Adriana Tacita, and Judith of Stormholde (who donated 4 bookmarks!). A set of 3 trim pieces for 2 cuffs and a collar was embroidered by Aelia Apollonia. Pouches were created by Lucia Thaylur, Chiara la Trombottiera (who made 2 pouches!), and Caiterina nic Sheamus (who even embroidered a wonderful game board to go inside the pouch). Needlecases were embroidered by Arabella McHargue, Sorcha Fhionn Inghean ui Ruairc, Thyri de Peel, and Theiadora Groves (who donated 2 needlecases!).

Royal Rose Napkins

The 2007 service project for the guild was a set of napkins for each kingdom embroidered with the Royal Rose. These napkins were presented to Their Majesties to help fill the baskets of largesse for their travels to Pennsic. Photos of the completed napkins can be viewed on this page.

Kneeling Carpets

Seeing some of the problems that occur when there are only kneeling pillows, Mistress Anne of Bradford offered to design two kneeling carpets for our Kingdom - His and Hers. Each carpet is approximately 3'x4' each. The design included the following design elements - multiple interlace borders, the devices for The West, Mists, Cynagua and Oertha, overall trellis pattern background, and central motif oak leaf wreath and crown.

Sabrina de la Bere is currently working on a web page of the history of the development of the carpets; a link to that page will be added here when it is complete.

King's Kneeling Carpet

Queen's Kneeling Carpet

Royal Rose Needlecases

The Pennsic 2006 service project was rose needlecases for every kingdom’s queen. The needlecase was modeled after the blackwork needlecase kit the guild offers, but the design was a rose in the colors of each kingdom. The needlecases were presented to Their Majesties at June Crown, and were exceptionally well received! Photos of the completed needlecases can be viewed here.

Traveling Bags Project

This service project was for carry-all bags to be used by Their Majesties to carry gifts for each Kingdom where carrying baskets are impractical. Our needleworkers choose their own embroidery techniques, fabrics, and thread and embroidered each Kingdom's heraldic arms on a 6" x 6" square which was appliquéd onto a canvas bag. A complete set of bags was taken out to Pennsic in 2004, where they were well-received.

Some of the completed bags can be seen in the photos section of the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild e-mail list

Queen's Pouches Project

Coordinated by Mistress Isela di Bari OP OL -- this was a special project for the Queen's Gift Chest that was begun about five years ago. The objective was to have pouches for Their Majesties to present to each of the other Kingdoms at Pennsic, both 2001 and 2002. Each pouch displays the "Royal Rose" of that Kingdom and has been embroidered with much care, skill and artistry. 16 pouches were delivered and presented at Pennsic 2001. A number were also presented in 2002, and more will be presented later this year.

If you would like to see some of the Rose pouches, visit the Queens' Pouches page.


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