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2013 Rose Pouch for West Queens

12th Night 2013

Queen Zenobia

Queen Zenobia

Pouch embroidered by Anna Bomar


rose pouch 2013

Queen Ascelin

Pouch presented at Beltaine

Queen Ascelin

Embroider Isela De Bari

Japanese silk thread and gold threads on linen.  Back is wool. Handwoven strip and ties.


Queen Étaín du Pommier


Pouch presented at Pergatorio

Embroiderer: Jocelyn of Rowenwood

Silk threads on applique wool felt.  Spangles and linen lining.  Handwoven trim made from linen.

rose pouch 2013  rose pouch


Queen Patricia

Embroider: Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor

Silk floss on 24 count petite point ground
24 count petite point basket weave stitch; long arm cross stitch; stem
stitch; laid and couched gold; and a variation of a braid stitch
two different types of gold were used Benton and Johnston and DMC diamant


The pattern taken from the Rose Pouch Instructions located Here.




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