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Rose Pouches for Our Western Queens

For several years now we have been presenting each out going Queen with a Rose Pouch in our Kingdom's colors (red rose, green leaves, gold center/seeded, on a gold background) at Beltane, Purgatorio, and 12th Night.Our Queens have been very appreciative of this, especially when they see the wonderful largesse projects that go to the other Kingdom's at Pennsic.

The project is similar to the previous Rose Pouch project - a pouch with a five-petal Tudor rose design. The embroidered portion is approximately 6"x6" and the overall pouch a couple inches larger. You have the choice of embroidery technique. A basic design and basic chart is available here or from the Yahoo Groups files . The background should be gold, the rose red, the leaves green, and the center gold. The Guild will supply materials upon request.

Sign-ups: Since we don't know who will be Queen, sign-ups are for a specific delivery date. We currently have people signed up through 12th Night 2014. Deadline is always 1 month in advance of the event. If you get the project done in advance, your piece may be used earlier than the date specified if someone else misses their deadline. However, please endeavor to be early for our peace of mind. You may email Sabrina de la Bere or sign-up at any Crown event.

Pouches 2001 - 2002

Pouches 2005

Pouch for Dutchess Kara 2009

Pouch 2011

Pouches 2012

Pouches 2013


  12th Night Beltane Pergatorio
2012 Robin of Thornwood Alethia Elphinstone Anna Bomar
2013 Siobhan MacElgin Lisa Masoni Jocelyn of Rowenwood
2014 Catherine Lorraine Margery Garret Katherine de Langelei
  Joan Silvertoppe (additional – eta late 2012) Brid Hedgwiht (additional – eta 2012)  





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