West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild

Members' Projects:
Metal Surface Couching

Russian Cap with Goldwork
by Kira Leonovna Zemnodushina


Cuthbert Couching
by Duchess Leticia de Scocia


Cuthbert Couching in silver
by Duchess Leticia de Scocia


by Katherine de Langelei


Fleur-de-Lis for pouch for Marguerite du Royon
by Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor


Iulitta Rowan of Arran's bookbinding cover which took 1st place in the Arts competition for 12th Night. She used gold metal twist on royal blue satin fabric. It's the reproduction of a book from the time of Henry VIII.


embroidered pouch with gold metal thread background
by ??

entered in the West Kingdom Arts competition at March Crown.


Surface Couching

by Felicia Margerye Amondesham

Surface Couching; Gem Setting technique\

by Isela di Bari


Embroidered Collar
by Duchess Leticia de Scocia


Seawolf Pouch
by Brigit of St. Katherine's

wool applique with cotton DMC chain stitch;
couched gold work fleur de lis; silk button hole stitch



All members of the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild who have completed historically based projects are invited to e-mail .jpgs to Guild Minister or Guild Webminister (see below). If you have projects or photos you'd like to have displayed, please contact us at events so that we can arrange to take photographs or scan your photos for you.

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