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Save the date for the Next Guild Meeting at A&S Tourney June 7, 2014

Guild Meeting at Market Faire 2014

Saturday April 19th at the Pavilion with the Guild Banner 11:30AM

There will be Demo and Classes please come (bring your chair)

9am - 10am Viking Seam Treatments Demo by Duchess Catherine Lorraine

10am - 11am Elizabethan Easter Egg by Baroness Isela di Bari

11am - 11:30 Blackwork Demo by Lady Jocelyn of Rowenwood

11:30am - 12:00pm Guild Meeting please bring a chair

Everyone is invited to the Guild Hall to attend any or all of the Demos and to attend the Meeting. Look for the Guild Banner (even I don't know the exact location at this point)

Great weather and company.  We welcomed new members and voted for the New Guild Minister Elizabeth de Belcaire!

Guild Meeting at October Crown 2013

Had updates on all the on going projects.

Guild Meeting at June Crown 2013

We had many new faces for the Guild at the meeting that is so exciting to see. 

Finances:  The Guild is in good finances.  If you wish to know the amount, contact the Guild Minister.

Rose Pouch Update:  The Rose Pouch stitched by Jocelyn of Rowenwood has been completed and will be delivered to Her Majesty Etain at Pergatorio.  Arrangements are being made to have a representative for the Guild to make the presentation at the event.  Two additional pouches stitched by Robin of Thornwood have been received.  This brings a total of 3 extra pouches in Mistress Sabrina’s possession for emergency purposes.  She has, however, volunteers for the making of Rose Pouches to 2015!

Crown/Mist Napkin Project:  The project coordinator has changed hands as Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc (sadly) is moving out of the area.  She has coordinated this project for many years with grace and will be sorely missed.  Her successor is Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor.  She had volunteers for the rest of the year and is looking for volunteers for next year.  Napkins are stitched for the Mists Royalty as well as the West Royals.  Please contact her if you wish to stitch for this project.

War Cloak Update:  Katherine de Langelei and Isela di Bari are working out the design details.  The War Cloak to be delivered before July of 2014.  Some elements of the design will be embroidered by others in the guild.  If you’d like to be part of this project, please contact either of the above for more details.

Replacement Royal Throne Cushions:  Materials are still being gathered.

Guild Pavilion:  Guild Minister with the general approval of the guild will continue to research costs and styles for a pavilion for the guild.  An Eric worth shade that is simple to put up for one/two people is being looked into.  For many years, the guild has been off the Eric.  With a Guild Pavilion open to all guild members to rest their feet as well as bring new folk into the guild and expand the interest in needlework in general is the generally thought to be a good one for the Guild.

Largess Project:  The project will be coifs and fighting card pouches.  The Guild Minister will provide the patterns for the coifs.  Two styles:  earlier period 2 piece and later period 3 piece.  We will have a display at October Crown A & S of these pieces with the finished work to be presented next year at March Crown.  If you’d like to stitch one of these items (or more if you wish), please contact me.  

If you have some other item you want to stitch, you are not restricted to the above.  I will accept all finished needleworked items for  March Crown 2014. 

West Kingdom Towne Faire:  The guild voted to have a presence at this new event in April 2014 at Tres Pinos.  We will have demonstrations.  I’d like to have all periods of needlework shown.  We will discuss more but put your thinking caps on as this event could also be a fundraiser as well.

In Service
Jocelyn of Rowenwood
WK Needleworkers Guild Minister


Guild Meeting changed to June Crown

Due to the extreme weather temperatures (projected to be 111F) The Guild Meeting has been changed to June Crown.  We will be under the trees (look for the banner)  Time after

Guild Meeting at Kingdom A & S June 8:  Time 12 noon, place tbd (A & S Pavilion tentative, look for the banner)

We will have a meeting at noon time, so that you may sign up for classes. 

At the Guild Meeting

Katherine de Langlie has stepped down as Guild Minister and Jocelyn of Rowenwood was elected.

Guild member Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc won the Wreath of Athena for her A&S entry of a pillow embroidered in the Beaux style.

Guild Meeting at March Crown 2013:  Time 2pm, place A & S Pavilion

Agenda: The last three and a half years as your Guild Minister have been wonderful. You guys are so creative and amazing it made my job a breeze. But all good things do have to come to an end, so more good things with others can happen! The time has come for me to pass the torch and get some new blood in to this job :-) I reached out to the Mentors of the Guild and suggested a successor for me, and received a positive response to my suggestion so:

I and the Mentors of the Guild have nominated the Lady Jocelyn of Rowenwood to be the next West Kingdom Needlework's Guild Minister, to be voted on and approved at this Saturday's meeting. I am very excited about all the organization skills and background with the guild that Jocelyn brings to the table. I think she would do a marvelous job!

Please bring chairs!!!

Agenda is as follows;

1) Sabrina - Rose pouch update.

2) Sorcha - Royal napkin update.

3) Isela & Katherine - West An Tir Cloak 2014 Project Update

4) Sabrina and Ellen - Project update; Replacement Royal Throne Cushions.

5) June Meeting – A&S lunch meeting or June Crown?

6) Broider Program – Come show off what you've done!

8) Vote on New Guild Minister

Katherine de Langelei
West Kingdom Needlework's Guild Minister

Check out the Rose Pouches of 2013 so far this year!

Check out the Rose Pouches of 2012

Guild Meeting at A & S June  16th, 2012

Come take classes offered by the WK Needleworkers Guild:  Beginning Class of chain stitches, Sweetbags, Blackwork diaper patterns and the world of the Royal School of Needlework!   At Ed Levin Park, Milpitas, CA.

The West Kingdom Needlework's’s Guild has a full track of Must Take Classes at A&S!
Fun with Chain Stitch (an introduction to embroidery), by Joan the Harper;  With a single stitch, you can conquer the world… of embroidery! 

Embroidery in Other Parts of the World, By Mistress Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke;  Come find out what it’s like to dive into the Royal School of Needlework experience from one who’s lived to tell the tale!
Sweet Surrender, By Jocelyn of Rowenwood; This class is geared toward getting students started on a sweet bag largess project sponsored by the Guild for display at 12th night 2013 and donation to the Queen’s Treasure Chest.  Come to the class and get involved!
Blackwork Diaper Patterns, by Her Grace Mistress Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate manor;  This class can be taken on its own or you can add to your skills for the making of the largess project sweet bags started in Lady Jocelyn’s Sweet Surrender class.
We will also be hosting a potluck and meeting during the lunch break that is open to all; come for the classes, stay for the lunch :-)  All are welcome, so come join us!


The June Guild meeting will be held during the lunch break at A&S Tournement this Saturday in the Royal Pavilion.

The meeting will be held in conjunction with a Potluck lunch.  Please bring something to share for about eight people.  And please bring chairs!!!

Please Note: If you can not make the meeting, but still have something to say, send me an email by noon on Friday and I will bring it to the meeting to be read.

Agenda is as follows;

1) Sabrina -  Rose pouch update

2) Sorcha - Royal napkin update and request for successor to take over
management of the project.

3) Jocelyn - West An Tir Cloak update: SHOW OFF TIME!!! (and looking for new volunteer.  Project due 2014)

4) 2012 Largess project - Target display at 12th night.  Has anyone been inspired yet?  Or have anything to show?  Is there anyone looking for a mentor or help on this project?

5) Future Largess Project Ideas – Let's hear it folks!

6) At the last meeting we discussed doing something for the populous in general or as a whole.  This could be Kingdom and/or Principality type regalia, or something else that is of service to the populous of our Kingdom.  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Let's talk!

7) New Broider Program – Isela will present our new program!

8) Service Award recommendations

9) Inter Kingdom Intensive Needlework Symposium (IKINS) - Recap

10) Guild Minister Annual Affirmation Vote – Yes, I know, we just did this last October, but traditionally this should be in June, so we'll get back to doing this on time!

11) We have "off shore" people who want to get involved in the Guild - seeking thoughts and suggestions to help make our guild more accessable to the far away but close at heart :-D


The Guild Programs are suspended till June 2012

The guild patrons are currently revamping the program.


Guild Meeting at March Crown at 2:00pm

Agenda is as follows;

1) Sabrina – Rose pouch update
2) Sorcha – Royal napkin update and request for successor to take over management of the project.
3) Jocelyn – West An Tir Cloak update
4) 2012 Largess project discussions: Ideas include largess items inspired by documentation of Elizabeth I new year gift list and/or tournament field flags embroidered with the West Kingdom Populous badge or Arms?  Target display at 12th night.
5) Time and Date of June Guild Meeting.  Last year’s Potluck meeting during the lunch break at A&S was a success and people said they wanted to do that again.  Shall we?
6) New Broider Program – more discussion.  Seeking a “commission” or project head to help put together a process and procedures if people are still interested in reviving the program.
7) Should the Guild have it’s own pavilion (or pop-up shade) for it’s meetings?  Let’s discuss.
8) Service Award recommendations.
9) Inter Kingdom Intensive Needlework Symposium (IKINS)
10) Seeking Guild Minister Deputies.  Need a bit of help folks, can anyone lend a hand?

Rose Pouch 12th Night, 2012



The guild has several members teaching at this event.  If you can, come, lots of exciting late period techniques but there is something for the early periods too.

If you like to play with gold and silk, gems and baubels, here’s a great opportunity.  The next InterKingdom Intensive Needlework Symposium (IKINS) will be held the weekend of April 14-15, 2012 in conjunction with Collegium Caidis in the Barony of Angels.

Site Location:     Coyotes Middle School, 14640 Mercado Ave., La Mirada, CA  90638

We have uploaded the registration form, class schedule, class descriptions and suggestions for area hotels into the Files section of the Yahoo group.

Website:  www.groups.yahoo.com/group/IKINS

Please note that registration for IKINS includes registration for Collegium Caidis.  (Collegium class fees are handled separately).
There is a hotel suggestion in the files as well- we have no contract with them so feel free to stay somewhere else if you wish; it just looked like the best deal to us.
Reminder- registration fees, non-member surcharge, and lunch money go to one address (Robert MacHott); class kit fees go to another address (Deborah Fox).

Registration is limited to 35 people. Register early!

Looking forward to seeing you there! Cheerfully in service,

Isela di Bari, one of the 3 Coordinators.


12th Night

There will not be a display this event.  Congratulations to our Guild Minister, Katherine de Langelei , who will be elevated to Mistress of the Pelican!

October Crown 2011

Our total proceeds from the auction were $625.00  !!!
Wow, does our Guild ROCK or what???????  :-)
Thank you Thank you Thank you Everyone.

The Guild will have a showing of members work and an Auction of donated items.  Proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer Research, the Auction Items will be in the A & S Pavilion

The Guild will also hold a meeting at 2pm on Saturday. Location is the A & S Pavilion  Please Come and share your work with us!

June A & S 2011

There will be a guild meeting at June A & S this year rather than at June Crown!  The guild will sponsor a track of needlework classes and their will be a pot luck lunch and the Stash Swap (which was cancelled at March Crown) will take place then.  Location is Ed Levin Park in Militias, CA

March Crown 2011

There will be a guild meeting at the A & S Pavilion at 2pm, bring your chairs and your extra Stash.  There will be trading after the meeting.

June Crown 2010

The Pennsic Royal Cloaks were presented to their Majesties.  They are wonderful.  We will have a special page up soon to display the wonderful work done by the guild members.  A special thank you to Felicia who coordinated the massive project.  Photos of the work are Here.

The guild had a display of members work as well.


October Crown 2009

We have a new Guild Minister, Lady Katherine de Langelei , voted in unanimously at October Crown this past weekend.

She will be a wonderful leader for all of us, she is full of enthusiasm, and ideas. I know that all of us will give her our
support and help in what ever she needs.

Katherine was also recognized for her past service she has already given to the Guild over many years and now
has her name inscribed in the Guilds illuminated book..There is a holding place on the Service Banner (stitched in blackwork by Felicia) until
Katherine's arms have passed at which time her arms will be embroidered and added to the banner.

Needle Book Project - 2009

The Service Project for 2009 will be needlebook cases for Estrella War.  We are looking for volunteers to donate a case.  Please contact the Guild Minister is you want to contribute.  The cases are due to the Minster 12th Night 2010.  The cases can be stitched in any material or stitch you wish.

Scissors Cases Project-2008

As some of you know, as of last year the Royalty will only be exchanging gift baskets at Pennsic with one other Kingdom, which will be chosen in a yearly drawing. However, there are other Inter-Kingdom events where the Royalty also exchange gifts, so the Service Project for 2008 will be scissors cases for Estrella. We will need a total of 19 scissors cases made for this project. Since we don’t know for sure how many kingdoms will be at Estrella next year, we will not require a particular design (i.e. Queen’s Rose) or color scheme to be used. We would like to encourage you to use silver in your project in some way (buttons or thread or beads or fabric), in commemoration of next year being Estrella's 25th "silver" anniversary.

So, how you want to stitch this project is totally up to you. You can do counted work, surface embroidery, metal thread, canvas work, etc – your choice of design is fairly open, basically any stitch or style as long as it is period. More detailed instructions for the scissors cases can be found here or in the Files section of the Guild's Yahoo Group. If you would like to see some examples of completed scissor cases, you can look at some that were made by some of our members for the Scissors Case Exchange back in October 2007. The deadline for completion of the scissors cases is 12th Night 2009.

June Crown 2008 -- Kingdom Silent Auction

As the Guild continues to serve our kingdom, we collaborated to help raise funds to procure a 52+ ft trailer which will be kept on the Pennsic site to store all of West Kingdom's Pennsic regalia. The Kingdom has offered to pay the yearly storage fee if enough funds can be raised by the populace to purchase the trailer. The coordinator for this fundraising effort, Viscountess Ysabella Dolfin, hosted a fundraising auction at June Crown of 2008.

To assist in this fundraising effort, the Guild's 2008 service project was to have volunteers make selected items to be donated to this auction. The materials, embroidery techniques, choice of design, size and length were left to each needleworker. Some projects included sets of napkins, a haversack, a set of buttons, and a tablecloth; these items can be viewed here. The items donated were fantastic and there was a steady stream of bidders, despite the heat. Thanks to the long list of hugely talented needleworkers (below) who contributed items for the auction, a total of $861.00 was raised!

Special Projects

Pennsic Royal Cloaks

During her reign as Queen of the West, Countess Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne comissioned a set of cloaks to be made for the King & Queen of the West to wear at the Pennsic War. These cloaks will reside in storage at the Pennsic site along with other Kingdom regalia for the reigning Royalty to wear each year. The design for these cloaks will include the arms of each group in the West Kingdom. The final hand in will be 12th Night 2010.  The cloaks were presented at June Crown 2010.

Classes and More

If you would like to teach a class - tell us. If you would like to take a class - let us know what it is, and if you have a recommendation for a teacher, also let us know. To do so, please contact the Guild Minster and she will do what she can to work your offer or your request into our schedule. Thank you all again for your interest and assistance in making the Needleworkers Guild grow.


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