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Pensic Cloaks

During her first reign, Duchess Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne commissioned from the West Kingdom Needleworker's Guild a set of Summer Cloaks to be made for the Western Royalty to wear each year when they visit Pennsic.

The Guild Minister at the time (Felicia Margerye Amondesham) was inspired to design something that would truly represent our Kingdom: The 2 cloaks have the arms of every group in the Kingdom embroidered & appliquéd around the edges of the cloak.

Down the front edges of both cloaks are the Kings (or Queens) arms, the 3 Principalities arms, and the arms of the 3 Baronies at the furthest borders of our Kingdom (Allyshia, Tarnmist & the Far West).

Now, after much work from many of our Kingdom's embroiderers, these Cloaks are at last completed.  Photos of the embroidery!
King’s Cloak



King (2) Felicia Amondesham
Mists Jania of Call Duck Manor
Cynagua Morgana di Marco Vecchietti
Oertha Morgana  yr Oerfa
Allyshia Rolynnda of the Azure Stone
Far West Althea of Hrafenhoac
Tarnmist Arabella McHargue





Allyshia Rolynnda of the Azure Stone
Battle Rock Ellisif a Vettr Dyrr
Bestwodeschire Anna Bomar
Betony Wood Johanna Ludwiger von Hertesbergk
Borderwinds Alexandre Sinclair
Bryniaid Brid Hecgwiht
Caer Darth Brid Hecgwiht
Caldarium Ascelin Meere of Raveslocke
Canale Micheila MacCallum
Champclair Lourdes d'Arles
Cloondara Patrice du Coeur Fidel
Crosston Jania of Call Duck Manor
Crystalmist Felicia Amondesham
Danegeld Tor Kara Bareksdottir
Darkwood Isela di Bari
Earngyld Margery Garret
Esfenn Aelia Apollonia
Eskalya Felicia Amondesham
Eternal Winds Brid Hecgwiht
Fendrake Marsh Euriol of Lothian
Fettburg Bethia de la Birche
Golden Rivers Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc
Hawk's Haven Arabella McHargue
Hrafnsfjordr (Ravensfjord) Annora de Montfort of Shadowood
Mont d'Or Micheila MacCallum

Queen’s Cloak



Queen (2) Caiterina nic Sheamus
Mists Jania of Call Duck Manor
Cynagua Brid Hecgwiht
Oertha Felicia Amondesham
Allyshia Rolynnda of the Azure Stone
Far West Althea of Hrafenhoac
Tarnmist Jena Whiteheart





Montagne du Roi Frances Noel Brewster
Mountain's Gate Felicia Amondesham
Pavlosk Gavan Tamitsa Katerina Estohki'eva
Province of the Mists Ann of Cloondara
Ravenshore Edwinna of Hawk's Bluff
Rivenoak Brid Hecgwiht
Selveirgard Lynnette Cantwell
Silver Desert Vigdís Vestfirzka
Southern Shores Kaaren Hakonsdottir
St. Boniface Adelaide Webster
St. Brendan Morgana di Marco Vecchietti
St. Cassian of Imola Felicia Amondesham
St. David Anne FitzRichard & Lucius Cassius Marius
St. Katherine Anna Bomar
Teufelberg Felicia Amondesham
Thistletorr Ann of Cloondara
Vakkerfjell Moira O'Connor
Vinhold Felicia Amondesham
Warrior's Gate Ellisif a Vettr Dyrr
Westermark Caterina DiGugliemo
Windy Meads Felicia Amondesham
Winter's Gate Margery Garret
Wolfscairn Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc
Wuduholt be Secg Juliana of the Westermark
Ynys Taltraeth Joyce Buschek

Photos of the embroidery!

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