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The overall objective of the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild is to encourage historic needlework. The purpose of the Guild Program is to offer a forum for those who wish to measure their progress and skill in a self-paced non-competitive environment. It is our hope that we can continue to meet these goals through this Program:  Broderer's Challenge

Broderer’s  Challenge

One of the goals of the Needleworker’s Guild is to encourage self-learning in the art of needlework.  Every once in a while though…we need a challenge to either encourage us or motivate us.  So here is one of those fun opportunities.    How does it work?….

  1. Contact the Guild Minister and get your name on the list.
  2.  Decide on a project of your choosing that could be related or unrelated  to your SCA persona/culture/time period
  3. Simple description of your project or what you wish to accomplish
  4. Research, gather materials, and work on your project
  5. Complete your project within 1 year from starting it.  Start date is the day your name is submitted to the Guild.   If you are already working on a project  or completed a project  less than a year ago….also accepted.


So here’s some questions you might have….
Do you need someone to help guide you?          If you do, let us know, we can arrange that! 

What if I’m a beginner?  Fabulous!  This is where you can push yourself to learn and research that one technique or style you have been dying to try your hand at.  And the Guild is here to help you do that!

What if I’m a laurel in embroidery?      Fantastic!   Share with others the knowledge you gain from trying a  new technique or style you have not previously researched.

Do you need to document your project?             Yes, and we will provide a list of questions to follow along for those who are not familiar with documentation.  .  Or you can develop your own research. 

What is the purpose of documentation –   It will help answer your questions before you spend money on materials, and it will help answer questions when others look at your project. 

Is there a size requirement?             No….it is your project….you decide

Do I have to display the project?      The guild would like you to show your project  at the guild meetings as you are working on it so that others see what the Broderer’s  Challenge is about.  However, if you would like to wait until  it’s completed or enter it in A&S competitions…that’s OK too!.

Does the project have to be finished into something?    It’s up to you.   Sometimes half the battle of studying a new style or technique is in the research and figuring it out.  Perhaps your project will become a sampler of 10 types of plaited  braid stitch or an embroidered note book of 15 period seam stitches.

What happens upon completion of your project?      Submit the entire project (the piece, photos, documentation, etc.) to the Guild.   A panel consisting of 3 experienced needleworkers  will look at the project, and then  meet with you to provide their  comments, recommendations, and/or suggestions, etc. 

End result for Mission Accomplished – placement of your embroidered heraldic arms/badge on the beautiful Broderer’s Banner created by Mistress Aldith and your documentation will be placed on the Guild’s website.


This program is designed for you to challange yourself be you beginner or Laurel.  There will not be any comparison between entrants.  If you need or want help, we will have mentorships available for those interested.

The program is open to all and all levels of expertise.

The program does have a time limit of 1 year, you can take less time but not more to qualify.  You can combine a largess project with this program.

Last of need to sign up by contacting the Guild Minister, through either an announcement via the WKNeedle yahoo groups or email.



Here are some styles to consider:

  1. Pre 1000 AD work
  2. Woolwork e.g. Bayeux Tapestry
  3. Opus Anglicanum
  4. Or Nue
  5. German counted work
  6. Heraldic Embroidery
  7. Elizabethan Embroidery
  8. Canvas work, table carpets, slips
  9. Costume Embroidery
  10. Embroidery for Household Linens
  11. Byzantine
  12. Far Eastern embroidery (Chinese, Japanese etc.)






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We have now have a Members' Projects section for photos of members' work, so you can see some of the techniques listed above in use. Members are invited to submit jpgs to the Guild Minister or the Guild Webmistress via e-mail, or to give us photos of your work at events so that we can scan them for display.

And you can check out the annotated Book List for quite a few recommended books on a wide variety of needlework techniques and history.

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